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Traveling can be enjoyable and yet very stressful. One thing is for sure; the tone of your trip can be set depending on how well you plan and prepare. Then there are always those little delays that come up. Do you have time to sightsee? Run errands? Here to help you with all of your travel plans is Preparture.

Preparture by Preparture Inc. is a beneficial planning tool to help you fill in those gaps and plan your stay to the minute, all while making it to your destination on time. Here is the app’s description:

Preparture, Your On-Time Travel App.simage

See the sites, take care of business, AND catch your bus, train, or plane on time.
Just enter some basic information and Preparture does the rest. It shows you:
-Nearby places to go and things to do.
-How to get there.
-How much time you have to spend at those places before leaving for the airport, bus, or train.

Skip calling and verifying local businesses on the web. Skip estimating how long you have to be at that final goodbye party! Skip searching for different logistic routes to that exciting destination. Skip not knowing if you have enough time to catch that amazing store sale!! It’s as easy as Preparture!

Access to telephone: Used to call a business from Preparture.
Access your device’s location: Used to calculate distance and time to business.
Access photos: Option for a user who wants to change profile photo within Preparture.
Access your contacts: Used to share Preparture app with friends, chat groups and social media.

Download Preparture NOW!!!

What’s New
-New feature: Introducing Preparture Me, a new way to plan your day before your trip/departure. Select multiple places and let Preparture plan your day for you. Telling you how long you have to get to every place, how long you have to stay at those places and when to leave for your next fun location or your departure.
-Bug fixes.

Preparture begins with a required account setup. Sign-up with your email address or grant access to your Facebook or Google account to sign right in. Once you are in, select your Departing Icon, or in other words, how you will be traveling. Car, train, plane, bus or even cruise. Then enter your location, where you will be departing from and the time. Last, select the items you are interested in for that location; food, parks, museums, ATMs, etc. You can select up to 5 interests to search and the options listed aren’t just the traveling norm, you can even look for local car repair shops or beauty salons for stops that are more permanent. If you would like you can also enter multiple locations on this screen for more options.

The search results populated are divided into the interest categories that were previously selected and you can now pick the options you like the best. You can view the results as a list or on a map. When you have everything you want checked, select Preparture Me and the app will outline your stops with details including how long it will take to get to those locations and how long you can stay.

Preparture is a well laid out traveling companion that takes the guess work out of finding necessities nearby in unfamiliar territories. There are a few ads at the bottom of the screen, but they are hardly noticeable. If I had one thing I would like to see, it would be a way to change the distance of the surrounding area for search results. I believe at this time it is searching the immediate area but I wouldn’t mind seeing what is available a little farther during my travels.

The app is currently free and is available for iOS and Android.


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