Primo iPhone Data Recovery Review

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There are a lot of competing tools out there for data recovery on mobile devices these days. It seems as phones break, the need grows. When it comes to your precious data, especially pictures and messages, you need a recovery solution. Primo iPhone Data Recovery by PrimoSync has your fix. Here is some of the application’s description:

Bring Lost iOS Data Back with Nothing Omitted

  • Recover 25 types of iOS content from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch;
  • Retrieve data via 3 safe modes: from iDevice, iTunes backup, and iCloud;
  • Get back lost data to iPhone directly like contacts, messages, notes, etc.;
  • Fix your iDevice from an array of iOS system issues or update errors;
  • Completely support iPhone 7/7 Plus and iOS 10.

Rescue Your Most-vital Personal Info and Recover to iPhone Directly

For the most important information you can’t live without, like SMS/iMessages, contacts list, notes, call history, and Safari bookmarks/history, Primo iPhone Data Recovery is fully capable of retrieving those lost data back to your iPhone. You are also allowed to save the recovered messages, contacts, and more to computer in viewable format: HTML, TEXT, CSV, VCF, etc.

Primo iPhone Data Recovery is as easy as install, open, and attach phone. There are several options for recovery to choose from with each section including a brief description and use before you choose. Recover from device is the first option for minor issues with a working device. The phone will show it is linked on the main page once plugged in. Recover from iTunes backup goes into the backup file on your computer to export data. Recover from iCloud enables you to do the same through iCloud backups with Apple ID login info. Choose your desired option and click next to proceed. The software walks you through the process and you are easily able to recover what you need.

As an avid reviewer of products similar to this, I would have to say these features are pretty standard. What really stood out for me with Primo iPhone Data Recovery was the ability to reclaim messages. Aside from having a broken iPhone you need to rescue data from, sometimes you just need to retrieve things that are accidentally deleted, like iMessages and texts. This system makes it easy to get back only what you want, in a format you can use. This includes text, csv and other file formats. If you need help, there are plenty of helpful walk-throughs on their website to guide you. This is the same for older devices as well. The ability to get these kind of records back is invaluable and important for anyone to know how to do. Primo gives you that option and so much more making it an ultimate asset for your mobile device in a super user friendly interface.

Looking to getting your digital life back? Look no further than Primo iPhone Data Recovery. You can download it now from their website below. Try it for free or purchase the full version for only $39.99.


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