Props Love Android Review

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Highlighting businesses that deserve love and recommendation can really boost it to new heights. There really is nothing like good word of mouth when it comes to gaining customers. The Props Love app encourages users to give positive props to their favorite places. Here is some of the app’s description from Google Play:

Give thanks for great customer service with Props Love. Props Love offers people the opportunity to show appreciation for those going above and beyond in the workplace with positive feedback, reviews and gift cards.

Share positive affirmations and feedback, submit reviews and recommendations, highlight strengths, and send personal notes to show your gratitude. Customer service is an important job that can often feel underappreciated. Send encouragement, thanks and motivation to the employee who helped make your experience great!

Customer service is your job? Get customer feedback and receive Props for your work! Earn gift cards when you redeem Props points to get real rewards and continue to spread the Props love!

New users can set up an account with Props Love by adding profile information including name, email address, username with password, and mobile number. After account creation, the app displays a quick rundown of how things work. Recognize and reward people who have gone above and beyond in service, care, or support by sending positive feedback. Ten points for every Prop you get. Cash in your Prop Points for real rewards. To get the ball rolling they suggest sending Props to the person who recommended the app.

All set up, users can now search for businesses and people to send Props. Add a short blurb about the experience and why Props are being given. Choose from strengths to go along with the feedback and tap Send Props. Kind of like Yelp for the service industry, but with more love. Add a workplace by searching and requesting a connection from the business profile to be added as an employee to receive Props from other users in the app. If the workplace is not listed already, send a contact request to Props Love to have it added. Spend the balance earned in the shop for gift cards and other rewards.

While using the app, I tried searching for businesses or people to submit Props for. For the most part, it seemed that the majority of them are in Alabama. After submitting several Props, I noticed my point balance did not increase for the shop. I realized it does say you earn for receiving, and not giving. I think this is quite interesting as that would lessen the problem of users randomly reviewing for reward. Unfortunately, my area is not yet listed so I was not able to add my workplace, but as the app catches on, this should be less of a problem. I was not able to earn props but was interested in what rewards might be available if I did. I couldn’t however, as the page was completely blank, though I believe this may have been due to my balance equalling zero points.

Props Love has a unique idea that could really enforce community reciprocation of recommending fellow businesses and their workers. With a little growth, I think this could really catch on. The app is available now for free on Google Play and the App Store.


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