Random Tweets iPhone Review

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What can we say about Twitter except that it’s a hit. Who knew expressing yourself in 140 characters would be so popular? With everyone tweeting constantly, sometimes the best content gets missed. The Random tweets – Best Of app by Tanja Stular is delivering a collection of tweets to keep you always entertained. Here is some of the app’s description:

Time to enjoy your Twitter experience in an exciting new way with the Random tweets app. We know you love Twitter, hence to make your twitter experience seamless, we are bringing together the best collection of random & trending good tweets to keep you updated of what people across the world are tweeting about. Use our app to find & read the best, funny tweets, or if are looking for good tweets to tweet or share.

With Random tweets app, you get funny, weird and interesting tweets so you can enjoy your social media experience. This is an extremely easy to use app with beautiful typography. The app has a very simple navigation and you can access all app features with absolute ease. To browse through the random great tweets, you can just scroll up for more fun.

Yes, here you will find good tweets to post. While reading funny tweets, you can not only have fun for yourself but also share these tweets with your friends directly from the app. You will get to see random tweets and interesting tweets on trending topics from people across the world. This is the most unique app to show you lovely and best funny tweets.

– Select between random and trending stream
– Get new tweets immediately by scrolling
– Set time intervals for incoming tweets
– Share your favourite tweet with friends to laugh together

Random Tweets is the app you need when you don’t want a Twitter account. No need to follow and get followers, just start the app and go, no login necessary. You can view the feeds, refresh and switch between the main random and trending topics. The main feed is exactly as the app describes, it is random tweets selected from Twitter, flooding in consistently. The trending feed is the same, but pulled from the tweets that are trending on Twitter. The individual tweets can be viewed on Twitter if you do have a twitter account by tapping the Twitter logo in the post you are viewing. You can also share them to other sites like Facebook through the iOS sharing feature.

The app comes with a few customization settings, including adjusting the text size and a night mode that can be toggled on and off. The time interval can also be altered to refresh in a certain amount of seconds so you can have an updated tweet feed as quickly or slowly as you like. What I like about Random Tweets is it is automatic, once started, I can lay it next to my computer and read along without ever the need to even touch my phone to refresh. There is no account maintenance, just automatic social media. On the other hand I don’t have any customization control on what kind of content I am seeing and can sometimes not be very interested in what is provided. Depending on what you are looking for, it could be the entertainment you are seeking, or not very amusing at all. When it comes to free entertainment, it’s hard to be too picky. The app is currently available for iOS, and also Android for free.


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