Reaction Cam iPhone Review

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You’ve watched videos on your iPhone and you’ve recorded videos with it. But have you done both at the same time? Now you can! Record while you watch with the Reaction Cam app by Elliott Brock. Here is the app’s full description:

Everyone loves to see how people react.

Reaction Cam allows you to see your friends and family’s INITIAL reaction to: THAT photo; THAT video; THAT website; THAT Donald Trump tweet; THAT music video; THAT radio announcement; THAT Reality TV result moment; THAT news story etc etc!!!!

Reaction Cam allows you to film you or your friends and family’s response to watching various media on your smart phone; be it a friend’s wedding snaps or the YouTube video everyone’s talking about.

Simply by sending them a link, they can record their reaction as soon as they open the App!

Your reaction video can then be shared by social media or any other way you choose. Reaction cam also allows you to film yourself and your comments IN-BROWSER.

So don’t just watch it…. ‘REACTION CAM’ it!!

Note: Reaction Cam final videos cannot show the videos reacted to on all sites nor can it record live streamed video2 although audio will be recorded if you are not using headphones (be careful of copyright violations – this is YOUR responsibility).

Reaction Cam is a unique video app that records both a video playing on your iPhone and your reaction as you watch it. Start off by selecting a recording option. Find the video you desire on the web, on YouTube or even on your device. The app includes an in-app browser so you can type any website in and open it up to view and record. YouTube is also included allowing you to search for and find that funny or viral vid without leaving the app.

Once you have found the desired clip, select a starting point in the playback and tap the bottom to start recording. Once stopped, edit your video with features to trim the length of the video, hide or show the reaction shot, rotate the screen, mute audio, and even swap the main video and reaction shot. Save to complete the edit and share your reaction via the standard iPhone options including message, Facebook, or even save to your device. There is also an option to ask a friend to react that asks for a reaction back and includes the link to download the app in the message. Tap done when finished to return to the main menu.

I found Reaction Cam to be very easy to use with a simplistic interface and clean design. The app worked perfectly every time I used it which says a lot for an app with in-app browser, video recording, and YouTube features. There was some loading time but overall I was impressed with the smooth recording and playback, even during longer clips. I can see many uses for an app like this whether it be social, personal, or just for fun. It is a great idea that has definitely been very well executed. Reaction Cam is available now for free in the App Store.


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