Redstone Uprising Android Review

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Redstone Uprising, available for Android through the Google Play store, is an excellent and thrilling battle-style game that has a surprisingly deep battle system and plenty of content.

The game is a battler, and allows you to pick up to five heroes from a pool of fifty. The heroes have a wide variety characteristics and looks, with each clearly been given plenty of testing to ensure balance, which is rare for a mobile game like this. I have found more than a few similar games that fall down because of overpowered units, or underpowered enemies, but here the developer has got the balance spot on, in my opinion.

Each hero can be levelled up, and the developer has even created whole new sprites for heroes that are upgraded to legendary. This is a great move, as players will not only want to unlock new stats and powers for their favourite heroes, but also to see what the evolved form looks like.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

✓Fight with Players Worldwide
✓Lead your Party to Victory
✓Cast Abilities Strategically
✓Epic Battles Against the Might Beasts
✓Amazing interface to enhance your gaming experienceredstone

The game features online play, and basic guild support, with friends lists and many other social features. This all adds to the reply factor here, as players can challenge their friends to see which mix of heroes plays the best in which situation. It is in learning things like this that the real meat of the gameplay can be found, and I am sure that many players will become addicted to it.

The graphics are excellent, with incredibly well designed characters and stages that create a gorgeous fantasy world that evokes the spirit of many classic games, while adding a modern graphical polish that is very welcome indeed.

With plenty to do, top-notch graphics and decent online battling, Redstone Uprising currently has me hooked, so I would suggest you download the game and find out what the fuss is all about.


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