RingWin – Win Real Prizes Android Review

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google play badgeLooking to win real prizes just by talking on your smartphone? The RingWin – Win Real Prizes from Your Calls app by DIGI724 has the answer you have been looking for. Here is the app’s description:

★ RingWin is a free rewards app where you can earn points when friends call you! Then you can redeem your points for entering sweepstakes, win gift cards and many more real perks & real prizes.
★ RingWin is the only mobile reward platform to earn points and prizes just by talking on the phone.
★ RingWin is always free to play and fun to win prizes and perks. No in-app purchases are required to play & win.
✔ Earn prizes and have fun while winning points:

How to Win Points:

♥ From your incoming calls
♥ Playing fun games
♥ Entering contests
♥ Discovering new apps
♥ Watching videos
♥ Inviting friends
✔ Get great mobile rewards by redeeming points:

How to Redeem Points:

♣ Enter free sweepstakes
♣ Get free gift codes
♣ Get free game credits
♣ Unlock new contests and games to win more points and surprise perks

More features are on the way, so keep playing with RingWin for even more opportunities to win prizes and earn cool rewards!
Ring Ring Ring, Win Win Win, RingWin all the way!

The home page of the RingWin offers options to enter sweepstakes, scratch and win, or try apps and win. The sweepstakes section has options to enter sweepstakes to win various prizes including video game consoles, Google Play gift cards and Samsung mobile devices. To enter these sweepstakes it is required to login through Facebook, so be aware of that. You will need to earn points to enter the sweepstakes, though the app does start new users with 1500. Earn more points by trying apps in the Try and Win area, or watching RingWin TV videos. The most interesting thing about RingWin is you can also earn points by simply answering calls on your phone, so earning points is easy. You can also spend those points in the Scratch and Win section which will let you buy scratch-offs with in-app points for a chance to win more points and other prizes like gift cards.

Earning points by answering calls, trying apps or watching videos are all great, but the aim is to get something in return. With RingWin, you don’t always win. Sure there are plenty of winnings in more RingWin points, but again, the goal is to win a prize you can actually use. This takes quite a bit of scratching and sweepstakes entering to do. Does it work? In short, yes. Spend time on the app earning points and entering those points to win and you will see a few codes thrown your way. I’d have to spend a bit more time and points to see if the app returns me any bigger wins. RingWin is easy to use and the navigation and design are very nicely done. The prizes are stellar so winning any of them would surely be a great payoff to using your smartphone for a few minutes a day.

RingWin is definitely a nice app for the gambler that is willing to spend the time for a chance at a win. The app is currently available now on Google Play for free.


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