Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton Android Review

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google play badgeThe fun of the internet is anyone can express themselves how and when they want to. That includes satire and the creation of memes. Now it’s easier than ever to create your own with Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton. Here is the app’s full description:

Do you want to make a post with thousands of likes?Shadow Ink image 2

Texts are dying, long live pics! Shadow Ink a is free, quick, and easy tool for making awesome pics for social networks – in minutes!

You won’t need ANY art skills to create a stunning comics. Our interface can be used by a five-year-old kid!

Уou will be able to:

– respond to the latest news and memes
– mock politicians
– make fun of celebrities
– get tons of likes and shares!

Whether you’re an SMM specialist, an Internet activist, or just a casual Internet user, you will definitely love Shadow Ink!

Stop replicating and start to create outstanding content now!

Create your meme by clicking Create new. Pick a template for your meme, choosing from layouts with one to four cells. Basic mode lets you create your meme by tapping a character, bubble or background to edit. Select from 17 different characters, including presidential hopefuls, “The Don” and “Madam Secretary”. Place and size each character and customize cell backgrounds with various designs. Just add some wit to the thought and word bubbles, hit save and you are done. If you are looking for more options to customize your image, click Pro to add more characters or word bubbles to the frames you want.

Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton is definitely easy to use with no tutorial required. The graphics are top notch with easily recognizable, high profile characters that can be put in almost any scenario you desire. I had no trouble sizing and placing objects the way I wanted to and loved that each character has different poses to choose from. The app is free of any ad nuisance, which is always nice to see, and makes for a desirable environment to create away.

If political commentary is up your alley, you will love this app. Shadow Ink: Trump vs Clinton is now available for free on the Google Play store. It can also be found in the App Store for iOS here.


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