Shadowblood Android Review

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Fantasy adventure ARPGs can be fun and exciting, especially when it is conveniently on your mobile device. Give me a good story with some hack and slash battles and I am entertained for the day. Looking for something new to keep my attention, I am testing Shadowblood, a brand new app releasing in January 2017 for Android and iOS. Here is some of the app’s description:

SHADOWBLOOD: Is a dark fantasy ARPG mobile game developed by UT+ Interactive, a Korean company. You will fight waves of monsters in this dungeon based game. Fight your way to the end of every level and defeat the bosses but beware, many deadly challenges await you. Pick one of the 3 classes the Archer, the Berserk, the Assassin. Collect equipment, souls of defeated enemies and fight against Epic Bosses with other players or against them in live PvP.

Dark fantasy, fast-paced action Diablo-like game:

  •   If you think you can just auto-play and win, you are wrong. Take control or die in the hands of your enemies
  •   Fight either hordes of enemies in Scenario Mode or face other players in Live Action PvP and dominate the arena
  •   Unite with your friends and defeat Bosses to acquire legendary equipment in Raid fights
  •   Round up a group of friends and fight together in the unique cooperative PVE dungeon

Customize & Upgrade:

  •  Tailor your SHADOWBLOOD Hero by deciding what skills to improve through its leveling (More than 20 skills)
  •  Customize your favorite characters with unique Skins, Weapon skins, Wings… the possibilities are endless.
  •  Upgrade your equipment and promote them to legendary grade to be worth of your heroes.

The opening scenes and menus for Shadowblood are very artistic and depict a wild and enchanted adventure. Create an account and select one of six heavily armed and uniquely designed characters to play. They fall into three classes; Assassin, Ranger and Berserker. You can play up to two characters for free and create a third using diamonds. There are two modes of gameplay to choose from, campaign and challenge mode. In campaign mode you will experience the full story of Shadowblood and earn gold and other items. In challenge mode, you can fight in different locations of the game, but these areas will have to be unlocked by meeting level conditions.

The art and images are simply beautiful with music that is pleasant and very complimentary with the theme of the app. What I really like is that the story is elaborate and detailed which is always a big plus for a good RPG. It really sucks you in and keeps you playing. The controls are simple with a virtual joystick for movement and buttons that can be assigned with attacks and abilities. I loved  how my character moved and fought. Everything appeared very fluid and there was no lag in the controls. I will mention you will need to make sure you have enough space for the app as it is a bit large and some parts do take some loading time. The language is originally in Korean, and still has a ways to go on getting all of the buttons and menus translated when set in English. Aside from these few bugs to workout, Shadowblood is a fierce game that will keep you battling bosses until Narr is at peace. With the added benefit of inviting friends, chatting and playing against others live, the app has all you could want for this type of game.

The app is currently set to release January 19th, 2017 for Android and iOS. For updated news about the app, you can visit their Facebook page. If you would like to pre-register for Shadowblood, you can sign-up here.



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  1. What do u press to fight bosses with other players? I’ve been trying to find out because I have friends but I can’t normally fight by their side in battle all I can do is clear dungeons.

  2. Hi shadowblood team
    It was a good journey with you when I started playing the game shadowblood. It became my best game that I was looking for and Everything was good about the game most importantly the game became like a friend to me and was very close to my heart I spend my whole day playing this game but Later on the game has became more vulnerable and creating lot of issues which cannot be explained in one sentence. But to help you no proper Items / Rewards we get as what you mentioned in item section Item drop rate is very less almost no after playing repeatedly Raid level also we don’t get anything many gamers has said this to you all but no response. Transcedence cost is to high takes lots of gold and less trancedence stone. takes lots of gold upgrading legendary mythical charms and Relic sets. Imp thing no difference between special relic and relic items both looks same.
    But the major issues are internet access Game does not work at all why. Lagging issues, Most important is Lobby server pinging Issue what is it game does not starts at all What is the use of this game then. No backup If internet access fails game just stops it is most annoying for anyone and this the reason.Sad to say but u people only made this best game to worst initially my expectations were very high and rated 5 stars now I cannot rate even disappointment ending with this game nice Journey ended badly need Uninstall this game.

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