Should You Sell Old Apple Products?

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Apple is a brand that got revolutionized by Steve Jobs. It stands for innovation, and most of its consumers know that. They create all of the parts, and they develop all the software. This makes their computers and phones the best on the market.

Their security is on another level, and most of the products are high end. This pricey investment isn’t something that can be replaced every month, so every time you get a laptop or a phone, you can expect to use it for a couple of years. Click here to read more. 

The quality is top-notch, and the lifetime cycle of their use is based on the battery health. So, how should you know when it’stime to replace or sell them? Well, there are a few factors or a combination of them that might make your choice easier.

If the fans on the laptop suddenly become louder, that’s a sign that you should clean them up. If they still continue being loud, then it’s probably a malfunction. Next on the list is unexplained heating. The temperature when you’re working on the laptop should be comfortable.  

If it starts heating up without reason, there might be something wrong with it. Usually, overheating is combined with shorter battery life. If your phones or laptop’s battery starts draining as soon as you unplug it, there’s definitely something wrong going on.  

Finally, there’s program incompatibility, which can happen if your gadget is more than a few years old. Most new applications require specific frameworks, and if it isn’t supported, they won’t work. If there is a combination of a few of them, then it’s time to sell to make some money.  

If you don’t know anything about technology, simply take it to the store and see what the clerk will tell you. There might be an easy fix to something you thought was a problem.

How to sell?

The best option for selling is online. Three of the top contenders are Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay. All three of them can give you a general idea of how much that laptop or phone will be worth. As soon as you have a price in mind, then you can put your bid and let it go public. View this link for more info.

Then, loads of potential buyers will be swarming your inbox. Since it’s still the time of a pandemic, when you meet up with them in public, you get to pick the place. Always choose a place that has a lot of people during the day, and it’s well lit.

Bring your mask along and have a few sanitizer wipes to wipe the computer or phone before you give it to them. This will make them feel better since you’re abiding by all the rules. When you take the pictures, make sure you post one from every angle so they can see it.

If there are any defects, make sure to list them before you meet up, because not telling that will make the other side quite angry. If you don’t want to deal with other people, you can also trade it in. Go to a store and they will give you a rough estimate and buy it from you.  

The same thing is true about online vendors where you pack it and ship it. Before sending you the money, they will inspect the electronic, and this is the most painless process of all.  

What should you do before selling? 

The number one thing you need to do before you sell old Apple products is to back up your personal files. If it’s a phone, then copy all the contacts on a sheet of paper or put the contacts into another phone. Plus, take all of your pictures and copy them to another place before doing a factory reset.  

The same thing applies to a laptop. Get an external hard drive or a big enough USB that can store all of your data. You don’t want to lose precious memories that you might want to reflect on in the future. Also, inspect all of the cables and chargers and see if there is anything wrong with them. When you finish everything, it will be good to go.


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