Right Size Windows Phone Review

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The Windows Phone Marketplace is really starting to grow. With over 50,000 apps now released for the Microsoft platform, there is now a wide scope of potential apps and features, and one of the latest is Right Size.

The app is simply an international clothing size comparison tool, but it does this with a lot of style and a high level of user friendliness. Of course, the app uses the classic Windows Phone ‘Metro’ layout, but the way the individual option are laid out is really clever, meaning that you never have to leave one screen in order to see all the different possible country sizes for any particular item of clothing.

Each type of clothing allows you to select the country you are converting the sizes from and the country you are converting the sizes to, along with the required sizes, all without having to open up a menu or leave the screen. The ‘from’ country is selected from a carousel along the top and the ‘to’ country along the bottom, with vertical wheels for each of the sizes. Tapping any country will also automatically move the ‘to’ size to the correct amount. It is all very easy and intuitive, and is a credit to the developer.

There is a wide selection of different clothiong for both men and women available:

 Men’s clothing:

• Pants

• Coats

• Suits

• Sweaters

• T-shirts

• Underwears

• Shoes

• Socks

• Hats

• Rings

Women’s clothing:

•    Dresses

•    Skirts

•    Blouses

•    Bras

•    Panties

•    Hats

•    Pants

•    Sweaters

•    Shoes

•    Rings

So, a really good selection, and the fact that the app even does ring sizes can prove really handy. The app is a real gem for taking on holiday, and is as easy to use as it is helpful, but I would like a few additions to really make it stand out. The ability to create a profile for someone you are buying for, or for yourself would be really useful. So, you would enter all their sizes in the home country, save them and you could then easily access the required sizes without having to browse through them again.

Likewise, if the app saved the last location you were in, that would help make everything much smoother.

Overall though, this is a very nice app that buys into the Windows Phone philosophy of good looks and a decent user interface. I am sure many people will find it invaluable when shopping abroad, and although I feel there could be some improvements, I am happy to recommend this to Windows Phone users who frequently travel and shop away from their home country.



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