Snake Off Updates a Classic Favorite

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“Snake Off” is an exciting upgrade of the classic snake game. Built with appealing sound effects and graphical stars that put you at the hype of rapid length growth, this snake game upgrade delivers an exciting experience to gamers.

Here is a detailed overview of the game’s features, how it works, how it compares with other traditional versions, and a full game review.

Game Features

This has two game options; The endless game in which you play without limits, and the timed option in which you play within a five-minute countdown. In mobile devices, the game has additional features that can allow you to:

  • Add a new prop by eating the stars that pop up, which increases your snake’s length.
  • Add kill effects to beautify the way your snake’s body would look like once it’s killed.
  • Create a personal space where you can showcase your game records and skins to friends and other gamers.
  • Have many skins that you can quickly preview before spending your gold tokens to purchase them.
  • View top ranking players on the leaderboard.

Game Interface

You can play “Snake Off” both online and offline. Each player who joins the game starts with a short snake, which he or she feeds with colored spots, stars, and the other dead snakes to increase its length until it dominates the other players’ snakes. To rank up to the top, players need speed and strategy. They have to feed their respective snakes and avoid colliding with other snakes. If you hit another player’s snake, you die.

Controlling the snake on your mobile device is simple and straightforward, a joystick (the round cursor with a circular dot) controls its direction, and a speed-up button (the round cursor with a lightning strike) increases the speed at which the snake moves.

Social Experience

Image via Flickr by katherine lynn

Many traditional snake game versions are quite similar to “Snake Off.” They have leaderboards like “Snake Off” and also allow several players to participate in the same game. But “Snake Off” does more than merely offering one platform for gamers to enjoy. It incorporates’s SDK to enhance the game’s player engagement. This Agora technology for mobile gaming enables gamers to enjoy chatting right within the game. The in-demand voice commands and sound effects turn the game into an exciting virtual field. The technology gives you 20 percent lower CPU usage and 50 percent lower RAM usage, which helps to reduce data consumption when playing.

What Make ‘Snake Off’ Exciting

  • Easy to play.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Engaging sound effects.
  • Ability to showcase your achievements.

The Negative Side of the Game

  • Highly addictive.
  • Players who play as a visitor have no option of keeping their records.
  • Players can lose all their hard-earned records and achievements without recovering them.

With the upgrade of the classic favorite and’s SDK, “Snake Off” is probably taking mobile gaming to the next level. It’s no doubt living up to its official slogan, “More Play, More Fun.”



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