SongBand iPhone Review

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Name that tune has always been a popular game. Remade into many apps in the last few years, SongBand – make and play music quiz app by Kikiwa puts a new spin on it adding album art and even a built-in quiz maker. Here is some of the app’s description:

SongBand is the world where people can make, share and play music quiz. Play game and upload your own quiz.
Because automatic filtering system is working inside, SongBand is evolving by itself with the help of many users.
Of course, you can play a game without making a quiz, but making your own topic and quiz is the fastest way to get a lot of coins.
You can buy various items and topics with your acquired coin.

Various ways to enjoy SongBand
– Single Play: a game to find correct singer or song in single mode
– Picture Single Play: a game to find correct album art in single mode
– Speed Match: a game to find correct singer or song competing with other player
– Item Battle: a game to find correct singer or song attacking and defending with items.
– Create your own quizzes with songs downloaded on your device. You can easily create a quiz with a few simple touches.

SongBand is an app that pulls double duty making you the game player and the game creator of a music trivia game. First launch the game and create a user nickname and add a picture to your profile. The app has several cute animal caricatures to choose from with a few color choices, or you can upload your own photo. Once finished with your game profile, you are greeted with the quiz screen. Here you can start to make your own quiz or play a game. Games can be played against other users and choices include speed match, item battle and single play. Once you have selected which game, choose your music category. There are choices by decade, hits and even sweet songs. Select items you would like to use in your game for help, like eliminating two choices or a time bonus. Start your game listening to tunes and naming titles, artists and even choosing the album art. Win points and earn coins that can be redeemed for more categories and other items.

I mention that SongBand is double the app, but really it is more than that. Of course you can test your music knowledge in a number of ways with the in-app quizzes, though the quiz maker portion has a few more hidden talents. As you choose song clips to include in your own quiz, you can save those same clips to be used for ringtones and text tones. Share by message, email or import to another app. I found it easy to create the clips and assemble my quiz. I played several games against others but have yet to see who has won as I have to wait for the opponent to play. Hoping for some more active users to really experience the battles. The app is free though it does contain ads, which will pop up at the end of each round. I would also like to mention the songs can only be added from your iTunes library to make your own quiz. For me personally, I use music subscription services and rarely have any downloaded to my device.

SongBand has some interesting features built into it’s music quiz. It isn’t the traditional music/trivia/ringtone app, but if you are looking for one that is an all-in-one, this one is for you. The app is available now for free in the App Store.



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