SpamHound SMS Spam Filter iPhone Review

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Keep out the clutter and unwanted unknown messengers with the SpamHound SMS Spam Filter app. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Protect yourself from spammers by filtering unwanted SMS and MMS messages from unknown numbers using SpamHound.

SpamHound is an essential app for people whose activities are related to instant messaging and calls. It is a reliable tool for shielding yourself from annoying marketing mailings, spam, advertising, and strangers.
Configure your filters and manage Black- and Whitelists manually. Create rules and clear your message list from undesired content easily and in an intuitive interface.

Use SpamHound and unwanted messages will not bother you anymore.

Primary functions:

– Create unlimited quantity of filters
– Fine-tune filters using flexible rules
– Filter SMS send MMS using Blacklist
– Filter unknown numbers
– Use Whitelist to prevent blocking
– No internet connection needed

All unwanted messages that fly under the Blacklist rules will be stored in a separate Junk SMS tab. Whitelist messages, in their turn, will be displayed in a native Messenger app.

Launch the SpamHound app and sign in with a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account to save your settings in cloud storage. You can also skip this step all together and continue without the sign in if you wish. After choosing a sign-in option, the app opens first to the Blacklist Rules. The list of any existing rules will be listed here with the menu available on the top left, and adding a rule in the top right. Hit the plus sign to add a custom rule. Helpful arrows are drawn on the screen with descriptions making it easy to learn and use the app. Name the rule and select a mode for the sender. You can assign text that contains, starts with, ends with, etc. You can also specify if you would like the terms to be case-sensitive and whether it is relevant to appearing in the body or the sender areas.

Accessing the menu will also reveal navigation to the whitelist rules, rule checker, linked accounts, as well as FAQ and tutorial. The rule checker is a nice touch that lets you test your rules by entering or pasting test message text and verifying the rules you have created work. Apart from creating the rules you would like your messages to abide by, you must enable SpamHound to manage these rules in the messages app. The tutorial gives you a quick and concise how-to on allowing this in the settings. After creating your guidelines for what can and can’t come through and enabling the app to manage your messages in the settings, you are good to go. What I love most about this message manager is how minimal it is. Navigation and instruction is simple and effective. There are limitless ways to customize your filters and no limit to how many you add. I’d also like to mention that is already iPhone X screen compatible, which is very much appreciated.

We have spam filters for email, why not your most personal messages? Get SpamHound and you will. The app is available now in the App Store for $0.99.


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