Spree Pop iPhone Review

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Fly through space and destroy the monsters to reach the highest score possible in Spree Pop by Chee Ket Yung. Here is the app’s full description from the App Store:

Fire as many colored sprees (the red-eyed monsters) as you can! Aim the sprees that carry tank and grab them to upgrade your power or speed of firing. A challenging game! How far can you go? Have fun!!

– support iPhone X & iOS 11
– addictive, fun & challenging!
– fire the colored sprees, aim those with lowest health numbers, enjoy the fun of watching them changing colors and explode like party poppers or firework in the night sky
– exciting game sound effects

Spree Pop is a basic space shooting game where the player navigates a self flying ship that is constantly shooting ammunition towards obstacles in the flight path. These obstacles are rounded squares and circles with eyes, called the red-eyed monsters, that you must avoid and shoot to eliminate from your path. Each monster has a number, indicating the amount of times it must be shot to be killed. Some have ammunition upgrades that can be collected as you fly by after clearing. These upgrades sometimes add speed to the projectiles or even a spray pattern to reach multiple enemies simultaneously.

The app is very simple with basic shape designs for the enemies, spaceship, and bullets. That being said, the colors are bright and eye-catching, and the sound effects give it a very retro feel. The rules are easy to learn but difficult to master. The control of the ship itself is only a slide of the finger back and forth along the screen. The shooting is and flying is done for you, so all you are in charge of is the aiming. There is a bit more skill involved as you must choose your path carefully and shoot for those lower numbers to ensure you will continue on and not crash to your death.

Reminiscent of Space Invaders, Spree Pop keeps you coming back for more to better that high score. It is ad-supported with small banners that appear at the bottom of the screen, though these can be removed for an in-app purchase of $1.99. It is also already formatted for the new iPhone X, which I very much appreciate. The app is available now on the App Store for free.


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