Spy Hunter Windows Phone Review

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No, this is not a version of the arcade classic for Windows Phone, but is instead a very clever app that is surprisingly useful. Spy Hunter is available in both free and paid versions from these links: Spy Hunter Free and Spy Hunter Full from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The basic premise behind the app is to catch people in the act of trying to access your phone without your knowledge. It does this by taking photographs and recording the sound of what is happening when someone is messing with your precious phone. You can even set the app to automatically upload the captured photos to Twitter, Facebook and Skydrive, alerting you to the fact that someone has been tampering with your phone.

You can even set up an alarm!

One of the best features are the ‘trap tiles’, on the homescreen which, when touched, automatically set off all of the security measures you have implemented.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:c3e035bc-af9a-4479-8ad2-d03b684e038b

Run the application, set capture options and lock the screen. Trying to unlock the screen leads to starting of hidden capturing and sound recording. It depends only on you to make the information known or keep a secret.

– Hidden capture of spies
– Switching on an alarm
– Storing images in special storage
– Trap tiles on the desktop
– Automatically photos saving to SkyDrive

The app is very well designed and is very easy to use. Sorting out which options you want to use is a breeze, and I had no problems with the usage of the app, although it did crash on me once. This could have been due to any number of reasons, and may not have been the app’s fault, but I have to mention it.

Spy Hunter is also pretty attractive and fits in well with the general Windows Phone design ethos.

One thing I would like added would be an auto email option with a geo tag, so you could really track down your phone. I hope they add this feature in the future, but what is here is superb. I really haven’t seen anything like this on any mobile platform, even iOS, so this is very innovative.

Overall, this is a very clever and intriguing app that could easily pay for itself the first time someone attempts to steal or mess with your phone.




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