StickerU iPhone Review

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The most entertaining feature to come to the iPhone in a long time is the addition of stickers. iMessage apps and keyboards with loads of fun images that you can stick to any message or photo and send to your friends. StickerU: create stickers from photos by Plasma lets you customize your own stickers using the camera on your phone. Here is the app’s full description from the App Store:

Welcome to StickerU where anything can be turned into a sticker, all you need is your camera and imagination!

* Use the built in camera to create a sticker of yourself, your pet, your friends, family, anything you can imagine.
* Make your stickers move with tons of fun animations to choose from.
* Stickers that are created are automatically saved to your collection, you can also favorite your best stickers for quicker access.

* Edit your stickers with actual editing tools, you can add emojis, add text where you can create fun meme stickers, crop, enhance your stickers with different effects and filters, the possibilities are endless!
* Share your stickers with your favorite social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.
* Text your stickers via iMessage and see the reaction you get!

Don’t forget to switch on the iMessage extension where you can create stickers directly from your keyboard and send to family and friends.

First download and install the StickerU app. Upon opening there is only a black screen with a green menu bar at top displaying a plus sign and heart icon. Tapping the plus sign will launch the camera on the iPhone and ask to allow StickerU to access. Take a photo, front or back with the camera. Retake the photo or select Use Photo to continue. Now, with your finger, trace around the part of the image you would like used for your sticker and tap the check mark to continue. Edit your sticker with effects, text, stickers, etc. with the Adobe Creative Cloud photo editor tools included. Move on to adding animation, like rotating clockwise, entering from top, and adding a fluttering heart. Share your custom sticker to messages and social media apps like Instagram.

StickerU delivers what is described. You can take a photo and make a custom cutout to be used as a sticker and shared. It is definitely a basic application for compared to other sticker apps out there. The tracing is a one shot process with no option to refine. The editor has some nice options and I definitely liked the animations, but I was sad to see very few were included for the price of $3.99. More animations can be added with an additional in-app purchase of $0.99. An iMessage extension is also available, which makes things a little more convenient, but I found the stickers I created in the app did not show up in this extension, so I used the full app instead. I also found it lacking the ability to choose a photo from the photo library, which most apps of this nature include.

Though the tracing isn’t super accurate and there aren’t many animations to choose from, I did have fun making my custom stickers and kind of liked the cheesy aspect of the final product. With a few tweaks to the process, and maybe the price, StickerU could be my new go-to create-a-sticker app. It is available now in the App Store for $3.99.


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