Super J’s Adventure Android Review

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Navigate Super J through this classic style, space themed adventure game as he jumps over enemies, collects gold coins, and defeats alien bosses. Here is some of the app’s description from the Google Play store:

Super J’s Adventure is a classic old school type game. This is the most up to date and challenging space adventure game that you will love to play for hours!

Run?‍♂️and jump?‍♂️ through the galaxy trying to avoid all the traps and have fun destroying all the aliens? on this space adventure game.

Best Features: ?
– Amazing Graphic Designs 
– Beautiful Sound Effect
– Fearless Crazy Aliens 
?Over 100 Challenging Levels
– Special Super J Power Ups
– Super Easy to play 
– Boss Fights
– Free to play

Entering the first level the design right off the bat emits an homage to Super Mario Bros. with similar design concepts including floating bricks and coin containing question marks. There are space pipes that can be slid down, power ups like fire power blasts that can be added to the character Super J, and even steps to jump off and on to a flag post when a level is completed. These familiar settings and controls make Super J’s Adventure an easy game to learn, with buttons specific to running and jumping as well as directional buttons adding more functionality with sliding and wall jumping in certain places. Collect coins and purple gems throughout to complete the level.

The space theme is very futuristic and slick, which will make you forget about Mario all together. Controlling your space hero is a bit stiff. There are different buttons that make Super J move, jump and use items, but it takes some getting used to the timing that everything is executed. The music of the game is a bit out of character for a space adventure game to me, with very classical type themes, but it does make it more soothing. This game is free but also ad-supported, which can get frustrating, especially when trying to learn the game at first. Every time the character dies, there is a five second ad that must be watched before the adventure can be continued. Ads can be removed for a $0.99 in-app purchase. Beware that you also only get so many lives, use them all up and it’s back to level one.

Additional items can also be purchased to strengthen Super J like extra lives, power ups, and access to bonus maps. Super J’s Adventure includes an immense map with many levels, so the playability is considerable. With practice, I learned to like Super J’s Adventure and had fun defeating the many space aliens I came across. The app is currently free on the Google Play store for Android.


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