Super Pipe Racer Android Review

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google play badgeSlide through a space age pipe at high speeds while dodging walls and gates blocking your every path. If you can pull it off you will be rewarded. See if you are up for the challenge in Super Pipe Racer by Holdaas Productions. Here is the app’s full description:

A survival racing game in a colorful pipe that gradually becomes more and more challenging!super-pipe-racer-image

Featuring five game modes:
Normal Mode (Slow and Fast Start)
Three Strikes Mode
Spiral Mode
Slalom Mode
Hyperspeed Mode

Unlock up to 10 different ships!
Compete online on 5 highscore leaderboards!
24 achievements to be unlocked!
Share videos of your play directly to Facebook and YouTube!
Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean
Made by Lars Holdaas

Super Pipe Racer is a simple arcade game where your mission as pilot of your own spacecraft, is to navigate through a never-ending tube filled with hazardous obstacles.  Speed will increase with each level you travel, as does the amount and complexity of the obstacles. Increase your score and unlock different ships and achievements. There are also different modes of play to choose from. Normal modes, slow start and fast start are available to play right away. Others like 3 Strikes mode must be unlocked. Like the arcade, you need credits to play. The app will start you out with a balance of 20 credits, with each play costing you two credits each.

The music is eerie but fitting for the game, creating a tension as you try to avoid crashing to your death. The controls are very responsive when maneuvering the ship. I preferred using the two-handed mode for a quicker response time, though the app does have options for single-handed controls, left or right. Music and effects volumes can be adjusted to your liking while you play and record replay can also be enabled to record and share gameplay to Facebook and YouTube. When you run out of credits, you are offered to watch an ad to receive ten more credits, or buy the full game for $2.49 to continue playing. Though the graphics aren’t the most dazzling, the exciting gameplay makes up for what it lacks in artistic design.

Super Pipe Racer is a fun and entertaining app that is as challenging as it is enjoyable to play. The app is currently available for free on the Google Play store.


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