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itunes iconOne craze not going away any time soon is social picture posting. After Instagram and SnapChat, there have been troves of apps trying to keep up with the fad. One such app is bringing the trend to travel and wants to keep all those image keepsakes from your journeys organized by time in place. That app is TimeSet – Places to go by TIMESET INC. Here is the app’s full description:

Explore the world! 

TimeSet logs your photos by time and place, connecting you to a global anthology of images that tell the story of places everywhere. 

Inspire the future: timeset-image-2
• Be inspired, explore unknown cities, virtually visit unique hotspots, create your bucket list. 

Capture today: 
• Track your travels by time and place. Share your journeys. Create a world map of memories. 

Go global:
• Berlin, Hanoi, Buenos Aires, Dakar – no limits on where you can explore

Stay local:
• Bars, beaches, parties, family gatherings – what’s happened here and what’s happening here. Instant message for instant connection.

Be inclusive or be exclusive: 
• View the whole community activity or choose your filter: friends, following, categories.

First, sign-up for your TimeSet account or use the quick access by logging in with an existing Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account. Take pictures in the app or upload your photos from your library. Edit by cropping to size and adding filters, then share to the TimeSet feed and Facebook or Twitter right from the app. Your TimeFeed has recent posts that have been shared to TimeSet from all users. Scroll, like and comment on users’ posted pics then browse the map to see photos posted by locations all over the world.

One unique feature that sets apart TimeSet from other photo sharing social apps, is the Bucketlist Discovery. Here you can browse other users’ image related bucketlists. For instance, discovering America by traveling to all 50 states or a list of the best food hotspots to visit. Browse through the lists and subscribe to see everyone’s posts, then create your own. I really like how the app is put together, the different areas to explore are interesting and makes it more about seeing everyone and everything out there, not just connecting with people you know. Uploading and editing pictures is a little clunky, but my images came out well. I liked scrolling through the feed to see the sights from around the world and reading what others posted on their bucketlists. TimeSet really makes their connection more about community than anything else, and you really see that throughout the app.

TimeSet – Places to go is truly a one of a kind app that is geared toward the photographers and travelers in us all. The app is available for free now in the App Store.


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