TradeTracker Android Review

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TradeTracker is an all-in-one stock portfolio manager app for traders on the go. Here is the app’s full description on Google Play:

Seamless, reliable, real time. TradeTracker is designed by the everyday trader to fulfill the needs left behind by other trading applications to hit the mobile market. Seamless UI, reliable and filtered news feeds, and real-time updates of your portfolio gives you the most equipped trading tools possible all in your pocket. Designed by college students who found themselves often frustrated by lackluster, clunky, and unnecessary features, TradeTracker has been launched to take the desires of professional and recreational traders in mind through every step of development. Your success is our goal.

Open the TradeTracker app and register for an account with an email and password or sign-in with an existing Facebook account. There is a tutorial directly on the login page so you can see what you are getting into before you even sign up. The tutorial is very well done with step-by-step, high quality images which autoplay and show off the app’s biggest features, such as the newsfeed, market, and alert customization.

After login, the TradeTracker app opens to an easy to use interface with five basic sections. The Home area houses the newsfeed with updated articles from Yahoo! news source, including top stories and market highlights with top gainers and losers. The market feed lets you add stocks to your portfolio for easier accessibility to companies that you are watching. Tapping on any single stock company will showcase data including their last price and change with buy and sell recommendation meter. Futures can also be added and monitored in the same manner. One feature I really like is the ability to add custom alerts for each stock. Be alerted for changes from ten to 30 percent.

Another great addition is the ability to login to brokerage accounts from the profile screen. TradeTracker has really thought of everything. Most apps of this genre are trying to sell financial products to users or manage the portfolio for them, where TradeTracker gives you the tools to track and manage accounts yourself. Like Mint for trading if you will. Even better is this style of app is useful for even those that haven’t started a portfolio yet but would like to analyze various stocks before they decide to buy.

TradeTracker is easy to use and helpful to amateurs and professionals alike. The app is available now on Google Play for free.


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