TrypScore iPhone Review

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Safe drivers are out there, but maybe there would be more if there was some incentive to stay safer out on the road. The TrypScore app wants to provide that incentive by rewarding users with gift cards and adding some friendly competition. Here is some of the description for the App Store:

Welcome to TrypScore: an app where you can earn real rewards when you choose to drive safely and receive a good score.

TrypScore is designed with you in mind, so you don’t need to worry about opening and closing the app to conserve data and battery. TrypScore analyzes your driving behavior every time you get behind the wheel and scores you based on your performance.

Drive to see your safety score based on acceleration, braking, steadiness, speed and phone use. Receive high scores when you drive safely to earn XP, contest entries, and rewards, like gift cards and prizes.

Earn more rewards by driving within 1500 feet of marked locations called Pyns and receive exclusive offers.

Keep your TrypStreak alive with every good driving score and explore other ways to earn rewards. Answer 5 out of 5 questions correctly in Daily Tryvia, participate in Weekly Missions and get gift cards, rewards and discounts for playing. Climb the safe driver leaderboard against friends and family, your state or even the world!

TrypScore is currently available in select areas or by invite. For areas where it is not available, there is a pre-sign up that will secure a spot in the que. The app requires first and last name, email, and username. After verifying a cell phone number, the app will confirm a spot in line has been reserved and will email when it is available. Enabling location services is required as it is needed to track driving activity. There is also an upfront disclaimer letting users know that opting in, background location data will be collected even if the app is closed. This allows for the scoring of Tryps and activation of Pyns.

TrypScore automatically detects a user’s trip and awards a safe driving score when it is completed. No need to repeatedly open and close the app, just verify whether driver or passenger to confirm. The app measures every Tryp with a score on driving performance assessing good practive in acceleration, speeding, braking, cornering, and phone use. Challenge other users in contests, collect Pyns for discounts at pre-determined TrypStops, and win gift cards in daily or weekly challenges.

I really like the concept of TrypScore. Any incentive for safer driving I think is a great idea. The best part is that it’s so easy to use, just sign-up. Some rewards are small like discounts or contest entries, but the app doesn’t cost a thing and keeps drivers ever conscious of their driving for a chance at some of the bigger perks. Keeping up that TrypStreak with consecutive good driving scores is a win win situation. As more users are able to join, I can only believe all will benefit with TrypScore members on the road.

TrypScore aims to improve drivers’ awareness with positive reinforcement instead of the threat of expensive traffic tickets. The app is currently available for free now in the App Store and available for Android users on Google Play.


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