Two Numbers Puzzle iPhone Review

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Puzzles with numbers have definitely hit their groove on the App Store. For the math and puzzle enthusiasts, there are now apps just for you. And for those who love word games, there are many popular ones on the playstores, now available with level answers too. Two Numbers Puzzle app, by Doros Limited Liability Company, brings the fun of matching and addition all in one simple game. Here is the app’s full description:

Inspired by the number and puzzle game.

Join the tiles to get to the highest number and the highest score!

Swipe the number to join them, when you have two or more tiles with the same number, they join into one.

Be careful with each of your move, the game will end when you do not have any number to join.

Keep joining number and reach to the highest score!

Much like other popular matching games in the App Store, Two Numbers Puzzle has users joining blocks of like numbers and adding them into one, as the name says, by twos. A simple tutorial explains the rules. Touch and swipe to highlight the numbers you want to merge. The numbers will then combine into one and move in the direction of the swipe. This includes up and down, left or right and even in corners. One interesting move this app allows is joining numbers that include horizontal and vertical sums at the joint where they merge. These moves total the blocks up and can quickly increase your score, which is the aim of the game. Once you run out of matches to be made, the game is over.

Two Numbers Puzzle is a basic game that is easy to play and has great re-playability as users play over and over again to beat their highest score. There are a few rules that differ from other apps in the same vein, but the familiarity makes it easy to like. Continuous play can lead to the game feeling a bit repetitive after a while. There aren’t any new challenges as you get farther, which can make it a bit stale. The app is also ad-supported but they only appear after a round and at the bottom of the menu. Of course they can easily be removed for a $0.99 in-app purchase.

If challenging number matching apps is your thing, Two Numbers Puzzle has you covered. The app is available now in the App Store for free.


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  1. I played 2048 over and over again and this one is also nice. I espacially appreciate the simple concept of the game. Now I discovered another puzzle game that is a bit more difficult. It’s called Cubicks, but I have the free version called Cubicks Free. The concept is also incredibly simple, but the puzzle is harder.

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