Villagers & Heroes 3D MMO Android Review

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google play badgeMobile games have come a long way with almost anything you can imagine available at your fingertips in the app stores. Fantasy MMO games aren’t anything new, but bring not only a challenge of a game, but a social aspect that keeps players coming back. Bringing this to Android is Villagers & Heroes 3D MMO by Mad Otter Games, submerging you into the world of dragons and warriors as you play to become the most epic hero.

Here is some of the app’s description:

Welcome to the Best 3D MMORPG on Android! Join hundreds of thousands of players worldwide in an epic MMO in a massive 3D world filled with swords, sorcery, dungeons, dragons, wizards, warriors, quests galore, countless beasties, and people from all over the globe.

★ Explore a Massive World with Thousands of Story-Driven Quests
★ Party-up with Friends to Raid the Lairs of Mallok’s Brood of Horrors
★ Ride to Glory on a Nightmare Steed, a White Stallion and more
★ Forge your own Weapons and outfits, enchanting them with exactly the Magical Spells and Heroic Feats you choose
★ Craft, Garden, Ranch, Fish, Mine and more 
★ Build the Mightiest Village in the Seven Realms
★ Seasonal Event Challenges
★ Play seamlessly between Mobile and PC

• Free to Play: persistent world, 3D MMORPG in real-time!
• Epic Lair Battles against the Elders of Mallok to get the best raid gear
• Thousands of challenging Story-Driven Quests, voiced by professional actors
• 8 fully customisable character builds to play – Defender Warrior, Fire Wizard, Holy Priest, Assassin, Swift Warrior, Ice Wizard, Shadow Priest, and Bow Master
• Unique character customization options
• Craft and trade thousands of weapons, armor and items
• Gnomish Augmentation, Fishing, Mining, Bug Collecting, Smithing, Tailoring, Cooking, Foraging, and Carpentry
• Player Housing with Ranching and Gardening
• One-of-a-kind seasonal event zones
• Consistent updates with an active development team

Villagers and Heroes, available on PC as well, has jumped into the new world of mobile to bring all of the adventure and excitement to your Android device. Like most, you begin by creating your own character, complete with personality profile and backstory. If you have already played on PC, you can login and continue your game on Android. Since the game isn’t brand new, there are plenty of users to interact with, which is always a plus for a game like this. There are variety of zones to explore making this one large sandbox to play in.

The character is easily controlled with an on screen joystick, abilities are displayed on the left and actions on the right that can also be customized with items. Crafting is a big part of the game, and the Gnogmenting process allows players to craft their own gear for combat and customize an array of proficiencies and abilities. Though your character must work their way from the bottom up, there is plenty of things to do while leveling up and achieving skills. The slower start and simple gameplay also keeps the game from feeling overwhelming.

There are very few differences between the PC version and this new Android version, so existing fans will be glad to know it operates the same and doesn’t compromise from the original. The UI is optimized well for mobile, and in some ways work even better than on PC. Menus are well organized and easily slide for access, which is great because there is a lot going on and being able to find what you need when you need it is key. Simpler setting sliders with adjustments are available for graphic quality, sounds and controls. The game runs very smoothly on a mobile device, even when set on a high quality graphic setting. If I had one gripe it would be that the loading screens can sometimes take a bit of time to load.

To summarize, Villagers and Heroes has crafting, combat, social interaction with endless exploration. Basically, everything you want in an MMO, and conveniently on your mobile device. The transition to mobile has only made this game better, so I definitely recommend you check it out. The app is available now in the Google Play store for free.


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