At The Voices’ End Android Review

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Looking for a new, exciting game for you Android device? Ready to be a participant in an enthralling mystery? Well that is exactly what you will find in At The Voices’ End app by Finity Games. Here is the app’s full description from Google Play:

This AUDIO-ONLY fiction game is like an atmospheric interactive audio play. It is a story about private detective Clive Burton, who has been in a serious car accident. He wakes up in the hospital, but can’t remember anything about it. With the help of his psychiatrist Mrs Galway he tries to figure out what really happened.

The game contains authentic bin-aural 3D audio soundscapes which make for a truly immersive gaming experience. The player makes decisions by using a very simple touch based audio user interface.

Our audio games are accessible also for visually impaired players.
To switch off the TalkBack accessibility feature, you must press Volume Up, Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. 

At The Voices’ End is definitely the most interesting mobile game I have ever played. There are no images and no video. It is an audio only game. To start, an intro walks you through how to play. The device must be in portrait mode only and headphones are required to hear all of the 3D surround sound audio and to determine locations of sounds. The screen on the device is completely black, but you can access the menu at anytime by swiping down towards you for the menu.

The game plays like an audio book, as you listen to the story play out. It portrays Mr. Burton, a detective who gets into an auto accident and unfortunately loses his sight. This places the focus to his point of view and his new reliance on his hearing. There is an investigation to determine what happened to Mr. Burton and caused his accident, as he does not remember. An unusual bullet hole in his car raises suspicion by investigators. You the player listens as he visits with his therapist to work through his PTSD and try to remember past events to help solve his own case.

Like a choose your own adventure, navigate Mr. Burton through memories and select settings and choose actions for the main character to perform. Touch the black screen of your device when prompted and select choices on-screen. If you choose wrong, you will be redirected to replay the scenario. The game is saved into chapters and you can go back and replay if needed. This functionality is very unique. The voice acting is done well and the story is very entertaining and immersive. The 3D sound effects are excellent, with detailed background sounds that make it seem like you are really there. There are definitely some adult themes in the story, so do be aware of that.

At The Voices’ End is an app that is quite simply something that has to be experienced. The app is currently available for Android on Google Play for $6.99.


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