Water Music iPhone Review

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Health and fitness apps are an ever-growing category filling the App Store. Some with helpful advice to begin new habits and others count steps. One thing just about everyone can use from this group is a little bit of relaxation. Water Music: interactive relaxation app by Jun Nakashima has everything you need to relax your body and mind. Here is some of the app’s description:

•The view of wavering sunken picture and the mixture of music and nature sound make you relax!Water Music image 2
You would experience as if you were touching water surface with enjoy music in the ambience of nature.

You can also use materials in the media library such as pictures, videos and music.
(Note that this app does not support Apple Music.)

•For healing your tiredness from a hard day of work
Stress is not good for your health as well as beauty. It can be good to listen favourite music after light exercise or taste a fine meal.
•When you want to concentrate
It can be useful when something like writing work to use this app as a miniature-pond!
•Free download contents
You can increase picture and music materials by downloading theme-packs for free.
•Equalizer and Reverb sound effects
This app is powered by a custom equalizer and reverb effects, that fill sounds.

•Caching Small Image of Album Artwork Images
1. This app stores the small image of artwork images of music album included in iPod music library if you permit this app to access to the library.

Water Music opens with a nicely laid out home screen that displays a selection of themes and options. Tap the question mark to go through a step-by-step manual on how to use the app. I definitely recommend reading it as there are a lot of custom options available to choose from, and you are going to want to know how they all work. First, select your theme. There is one available for you to load already, with a few others that can be downloaded. The theme will determine the water and nature noises you will hear as well as the interactive image that will be displayed. These included running water, nature sounds, rainy day and classical music. You can also choose to see the image display in a cropped or full screen format.

Once you’ve made the initial selection, a digital koi pond appears, the fish swimming on the image chosen. As you listen to the water flow you can touch the image and cause water ripples through the pond. The animation is as soothing to watch as the water sounds are to listen to. Adjustments can be made to the settings by swiping up to view the app’s controls. Change the image of the koi pond to one from a variety of nature themes or simply add one of your own from your device. Even play your own music and playlists with the water and nature sounds. Sliders provide control for the level of background music and sound effects. Music and sounds will also continue to play in the background if you push the Home button.

Using nature ambient technology, Water Music has put together a beautiful app that is as calming and relaxing as advertised. I found it especially helpful when working at my desk to remain focused and ease stress. The app does require .5 GB of disk space memory and asks you to terminate all apps when there is a shortage to play. Once that is completed though, it plays great. I love that I can customize the way it looks and sounds. I have several similar apps on my iPhone, but I believe this is my new favorite. Water Music: interactive relaxation app is available now in the App Store for $1.99 and compatible with iPhone and iPad. Well worth the price for a healthy mind.


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