Weekly List of App Books for Kids

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April is Autism Awareness Month, so today we’re rounding up some Oceanhouse Media apps that are perfect for teaching social and emotional development. All three apps from the Kidwick Books series address issues such as diversity, self-confidence, encouragement, and perseverance. They are even on sale for a limited time!

Icon-BookKWAFrogThing-w100-(255,255,255)A Frog Thing
Join Frank the Frog in this interactive book app as he becomes dissastifed with ordinary frog things and determined to find a way to fly! When he jumps and leaps and dives right into a friendly mother bird and her baby, will they be able to help Frank accomplish his dream?

Icon-BookKWEllisonTheElephant-w100-(255,255,255)Ellison the Elephant
Join Ellison The Elephant in this interactive book app as he tries to make a big trumpet sound like his friends and sister, but all he gets is a little toot! With encouragement from Mom and provocation from his imaginary friend, Weasel, will Ellison discover his very own voice?

Icon-BookKWLeoTheLightningBug-w100-(255,255,255)Leo the Lightning Bug
Join Leo the Lightning Bug in this interactive book app on an adventure to make his very own light! With determination, motherly support, and a little luck, will Leo be able to light up the night?

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