WEYV Android Review

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Phones and tablets have brought entertainment straight to consumers with everything from browsing to buying to the comfort of their own home. With the WEYV app comes double the fun as you can now not only listen to your favorite music, but browse your favorite magazines at the same time, all the while raising money for charity. Here is some of the app’s description:

WEYV allows users to listen to music, read magazines, and (soon) watch music videos, movies and TV shows all in one app. Plus, every time you listen to a song we will donate to charity. The more you listen, the more we will donate!…

WEYV subscription plans are designed to best fit your family’s needs:
You only pay for the WEYV Units you need each month. For example, every time you play a song, 10 WEYV Units are pulled from your group’s account. When you stop playing a song or close a magazine the WEYV Units are placed back into your account to use again.

WEYV’s mission is to unite the world – families, friends and social causes – through premium entertainment and quality publications.

Combining the love of a good magazine and music, WEYV has made a relaxing experience for users to listen and browse to their hearts’ desire. Similar to Pandora, you can customize stations with in-app editing tools, liking and disliking artists and/or songs. Create playlists with your favorite songs and even collaborate with friends on shared playlists together. While you are curating the perfect station, browse through the vast selection of magazines. From cooking to technology there is something for everyone. While you are doing all of this multitasking you will also be doing some good as the more you listen, the more WEYV will donate to charity.

To get started, sign up with contact information or an existing Facebook or Google account. Once email address is confirmed and an account is set up, musical selections can be made. Discover by artist, chart, genre or even decade. While listening to stations and custom playlists, find interesting articles among many of the publications included in the app. Advertised as a new and coming soon feature, will be the ability to watch videos as well.

WEYV includes a free 14-day trial, then offers subscription plans to fit lifestyle and budgets. Each music item and magazine uses WEYV Units and as you stream or read the units are pulled from the group’s account. Once the activity is stopped the units are returned to the account to use again. One nice feature is the ability to use the service offline by downloading the content to be used without a network connection or pulling WEYV Units for up to 30 days. The monthly price starts as little as $15 per month, very competitive with other streaming services especially accounting for all that is included. The very best part of all of this is WEYV is contributing o.5% of it’s revenue to charity while you enjoy the app.

WEYV is an overall joy of an experience that provides an overflowing amount of content for a more than fair price. The app is available now for free on the Google Play store and can also be found in the App Store for iOS.

Right now WEYV is allowing our readers access to 2 months of the Family plan free, no strings attached or credit card required. All you have to do is sign-up for WEYV and enter the promo code WEYVfree2 at sign-up. If you like WEYV, then you can select a plan and enter payment info once the free period is over. Enjoy the WEYV.


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