Word Find Fun! Android Review

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Word Find Fun, available for Android through the Google Play store, is a fun and worthwhile collection of word search puzzles. The game is free to download and features a couple of hundred puzzles to play though, and is not ad-supported which means the presentation is far cleaner than other games like this which tend to be plagued with ads on every screen.

Here, the game is free but you can choose to purchase hints to solve the puzzles if you so choose. However, the game is pretty generous with handing out free hints, with thirty to start you off, one extra awarded for the completion of each level and you can win some by sharing the game on Twitter or by taking a survey.

Word Find Fun plays out as a pretty standard word search game, with the task being to find related words in word grids ranging from 5×5 all the way up to the much tougher 8×8 grids. To select a word, you must simply drag your finger from letter to letter, with the game telling you if you have been successful or not at the end of your chosen word. The game won’t tell you the theme of each puzzle, which I think does add a little extra interest to each grid as you first need to figure out the relationship between the words before really progressing.

One small thing that did put a negative spin on puzzles, was that the game only lets you select a certain version of a word on the screen. For example in an early puzzle, I found the word ‘bad’, and the game told me it was incorrect. However, after I found another ‘bad’ on another part of the screen the game accepted it. It can really put you off the scent, particularly on the harder puzzles, where you can be unfairly told that you are incorrect, making you think you are on the wrong track. Hopefully the developer will remedy this.

The game looks bright and welcoming and is well presented. You can return to completed levels later, although they are laid out the same as before, share the game on Twitter from the main screen with a custom message, and share to other networks as well. The sound is functional with different sounds depending on whether you are correct of not, and the hint system is well implemented and unobtrusive.

Overall, this is a decent little word search game with the slight twist of guessing the theme of each puzzle. It is nice to look at, the puzzles are well designed and you get plenty to play through for free. Recommended for anyone looking for some gentle puzzle gaming.


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