World of Ball iPhone Review

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Take the challenge and bend the rules of physics to concur the World of Ball. Here is the app’s full description:

A magic portal is taking over planets. Will you be able to free them?

Make your way with the help of cubes and try to bounce 6 consecutive balls into the portal. Figure out the correct position, angle, and arrangement of the objects on the screen to lead the ball into the portal. Experiment the positions of the cubes and win through trial and error in World of ball! 

Discover new cubes and learn to master gravity with each bounce! Take on amazing challenges to win medals. Play with your friends and try to get the highest score!

World of ball is a fun game based on the laws of physics, try to complete all levels in this fun addicting physics puzzle!

Features of World of ball : 
• 120 great enigma
• A series of maze based on physics
• Attractive graphics
• An innovative and immersive gameplay
• Bonus challenges to unblock cannons and balls

World of Ball is a fun physics puzzler that takes the act of a simple task to a new level. At first glance it may seem like all you need to do is get the balls into the hole. Add the difficulty of different abilities to the various objects to complete the task, and it isn’t so cut and dry. The canon is shooting out red balls continuously. Your task is to arrange the blocks in such a way to get them into the portal while picking up all of the stars along the way. Trick is, some of those blocks are bouncy, some are not and if you want to earn the medals, using fewer items is the way to do it, which only makes things that much harder.

What I like about World of Ball is the mechanics work really well. The balls react the way you think they should, which makes troubleshooting a lot easier. With many app games like these, that isn’t always the case, and it can turn any game with a good idea into a terrible one. There isn’t a time limit for each level so you aren’t rushed to solve the level, but it will count how long it takes you to complete. There are currently five of worlds to play that include dozens of levels each. To unlock the next world, simply collect the required amount of stars in the previous world. There are ads after completing levels, but they have a skip feature after a few seconds so they are barely noticeable. The music is pleasant and fits well with the theme, and the graphics are simple but well designed.

World of Ball is a difficult little app that has as much charm as it has challenge. The app is currently available now in the App Store for free.



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