Zero Chance – Space Arcade iPhone Review

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A good game, whether it be on your phone or any other device, starts with an interesting premise. Action, adventure, puzzle or social, they all have something that hooks you. Space is always an intriguing backdrop with plenty of unknown factors to build on that will peak just about anyone’s interest. Zero Chance – Space Arcade app by Pascal Hadidane, launches you in outer space with your own spaceship to combat enemies and explore the skies.

Here is the app’s description:

Welcome to Zero Chance !zero-chance-image-1

Tap inside Screen except Gear and Firebuttons to trigger Game Start ..

Fast paced, beautiful Graphics with demanding Gameplay.
Control your Spacecraft through moving your iPhone Device and battle Alien Spacecrafts.
Use different Weapons with unique Properties to blast off your Enemies.
Achieve new High Scores and compete again other Players !
This Game is easy to play, but achieving new High Scores will demand your gaming skills .
JOIN NOW the Galactic Alliance and blast off the Alien Enemies!.

* multiple Weapons
* Power Ups
* global High Score
* Fast paced Gameplay
* Beautiful Retro Graphics and nice visual Effects
* Good Background Music Track that you could hear over and over.
* FREE Gameplay, no Pay2Win !

Zero Chance – Space Arcade is a space exploration adventure that puts you as the pilot of your own spaceship, flying into oblivion, destroying enemies and objects that should come in your path. Fly the ship by simply tilting the phone side to side to steer left or right and shoot the incoming asteroids and enemy ships with your gun or missile of choice. Collect power ups whenever possible and make it as far as you can without crashing or being shot down by your adversary.

This app isn’t the most advanced space themed game out there for sure. The controls are fairly basic, and there isn’t much of a story. The main task is to destroy all obstructions, kind of like a modern-day Space Invaders. Your score is the total number of intruders you have destroyed at the end of your run. I had a lot of trouble playing the app. The controls left something to be desired. For one my ship would stay at the right hand side of the screen instead of the middle. This made things difficult when maneuvering and shooting at the same time. I tried calibrating the app in the settings menu several times, but it never improved. There were also moments when I started the level and the ship would fly on auto pilot and encounter zero opponents. I eventually had to stop it and restart it again.

Zero Chance – Space Arcade has a look that is appealing and I did enjoy the background music and sound effects. With some control tweaks, Zero Chance just might have another one with me. The app is available now and free on the App Store.


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