Scoring Policy

Here at The Smartphone App Review, the most important thing we would like to put across to you is the fact that after developers and publishers send us their apps, we rate them whatever we feel they deserve, good or bad.

Each app is put through its paces and is given a full review. Many other sites just repost app store descriptions or information from press packs, but we give apps the same treatment that a PlayStation 3 game would get at one of the major sites.

After we have reviewed an app, we do not go back and change the score after a developer releases an update. This is for two reasons – 1. With the amount of updates released on a daily basis, we would never have the time to fully ‘re-review’ an application. 2. This encourages developers to send us apps that have already been updated to a sufficient level, and in turn we can then recommend the improved app to the end user. In theory, the app might get a better review than it otherwise would have, so it’s good for the developer, and it’s good for the user as they are recommended a hopefully, superior app. We do, however tend to make users aware in the comments sections of the reviews if major changes have taken place, post release.

We grade apps on a percentage scale;

01 – 30%    Terrible, not worth your time in any way, shape, or form.

31 – 50%    Has major problems, and would only be worth a look if there are no other options on the platform.

51 – 60%    Deeply average, has a few fair features, but also critical flaws.

61 – 70%    Ok. Above average, has a lot of good points, but may be lacking features, depth and usability.

71 – 80%    A good app. Not going to set the world alight, but has a good combination of features and value. The same as a 7/10 score.

81 – 90%    An excellent release, worth every penny of your money and shows originality or quality, although not quite perfect.

91% +         A fantastic app or game, and should be considered a ‘must have’.