Fall-E Pro WebOS Review

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This is a game based on the Disney/Pixar mov…wait, oh I see what they did there, they changed the ‘W’ to ‘F’. That makes it alright then. Dodgy name aside, this is actually a game about a small rolling ball attempting to traverse a vertically scrolling world.

Playing a lot like Cloud Hopper but in reverse, the aim is to get Fall-E as far down each level as possible. Tilting your device moves the ball left and right, and you must guide it through gaps in the floor, all the while the forced downward scrolling gets faster and faster. Get trapped at the top and its game over.

The graphics are simple, but quite bright and colourful, and the ball has some nice animation on it, particularly when it lands on platforms where it has a satisfying bounciness to it. The levels are comprised of coloured lines, but do at least feature some parallax scrolling, adding a little depth. There are some decent special affects, such as lightning and fog that look as you would expect, and overall the graphics are nice, clean and smooth, but nothing to write home about.

Far less impressive is the sound, or rather total lack of sound. That’s right, this game has no sound. No music and no sound effects, which is just not good enough by any standard. The result of having no sound is a total lack of any atmosphere, and removes a lot of what should be an individual ‘feel’ to this game. Such a shame.

There are a total of 30 levels to work through, all of which add a special element to proceedings. Some may add fog at the bottom of the screen to blind your view, while some even add a black hole to mess around with gravity, which is really cool. There are lots of power ups to collect, such as speed ups and point collectibles, which are a big help as each level has its own points tally to reach before the next one is unlocked. Points are gained each time you pass a level of platforms or by the aforementioned collectibles.

The basic gameplay here is decent, with the ball responding smoothly to the tilt of the device, I just wish there was a way to jump over gaps. It’s possible, if you get enough momentum, to roll straight over gaps, but as the levels get faster and faster, it’s just not an option. The fact is, the levels get too fast, too quickly. It takes less than a minute for the scrolling to go from a state where its possible to take detours to hunt down collectibles to the point where you are tilting for your life and the tiniest mistake meaning game over.

Slow this down, add the ability to jump and maybe even a few enemies to avoid and hey, you would have a far superior game than what we have here, which just feels like a time attack mode from a more complete game. Online high scores are a nice touch and help add value for money, and there is also a free, one level version to try out, but overall you will find yourself pining for what this game could have been rather than enjoying it for what it is.



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