Mite. Touch WebOS Review

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Mite. is a time management and resource tracking service that exists as a Website, and it is a really good and comprehensive tool. They have an API, and now a developer has created a webOS version, Mite. Touch.

The site is pretty complicated, so it was always going to be a challenge to fit it all into an app, but the developer has surprisingly, managed it.

When you have purchased the app, you need to create an account on the Mite. Website, where you will find that you get 30 days for free, then have to pay a small monthly subscription after that. You don’t need to give them your credit card details to get the free trial, however.

One important thing that you must do before trying to log into the app version on your phone, and that is to go to your account screen on the Web version and tick ‘Allow API Access’. You won’t be able to log in otherwise, and there is no indication that you need to do this in the app or in the App Catalog listing, so hopefully the developer will update this soon.

Once in the app, you will probably find the whole thing a little intimidating, as there is actually a fair bit to learn to enable you to get the most out of the service. If there was a walkthrough example of how to create and manage a project, then there would be a little less confusion. I recommend first time users to play around on the Web version first to get used to the terms and their meanings.

When you do get your head around the whole thing, the potency of this tool soon becomes clear, as it allows you to not only manage big projects, but also small ones using all of the available options.

You can create a profile for a customer, a time based service and a project that can use a combination of both. There is a stopwatch to time yourself working, and you can also manually edit the times if you need to.

The app shares a live connection with the site version, and it shows, as any changes made to the app will immediately show on the web, although I found that occasionally the process didn’t work as fast the other way around, with changes taking more time to filter down to the app.

The app itself is beautifully presented, and in terms of looks is up there with the best on webOS, and actually puts the web version to shame, as although useful, the Website is very simple to look at in its design.

I found the app to be a great time tracking tool, which, combined with its good looks makes it a winner. The downsides? Not enough help for newcomers, I think the app itself could be a little cheaper, or have a 10 day trial version and the need to tick the API access on the site should be made clearer.

Recommended, as the small problems can be easily fixed, and this is probably one of the most powerful and flexible time trackers on webOS.



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