Paper Basketball webOS Review

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Those of you who have spent any time, or have owned an iOS device in the past may well know of a popular app named Paper Toss, or any of a dozen like it. Simple, but addictive, the games have long been a staple of the App Store.

Indeed, there have also been a couple released on the HP App Catalog, and we are going to be taking a look at perhaps the best one, Paper Basketball.

The game started out a lot different to the version we review today, with a really bare bones approach, but the developer has constantly updated and improved the app with new features and tweaks to fill out the experience to something with a lot more value.

The basic aim of the game is to flick bits of crunched up paper into waste paper bins. Flicking the screen with your finger throws the paper, and this version works well, with the controls responsive and intuitive.

There are six stages to unlock, different modes including a chain and timed mode, 30 achievement type challenges and the game stores your high score. The best feature has to be the moving target mode, which I found particularly addictive.

All in all there is plenty here to keep you occupied, the graphics are nice, the physics decent and a nice variety to the challenges on offer. Like other casual games on webOS, this really suits the multitasking nature of the operating system, as it’s nice to flick the card up when you want to do something else and come back to the game, precisely where you left it, at a later time.

There is a free, quick start version of this game available, which is always a plus.

A simple, quick review for what is a simple, quick game. Recommended for those looking for a quality time waster.



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