Preview: Armageddon Squadron II for HP TouchPad With Trailer (Update)

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HP announced a whole basket full of things on February 9th at it’s ‘Think Beyond’ event, and one of those was a short gameplay demonstration of Polarbit’s Armageddon Squadron II on it’s iPad beater, the TouchPad.

Apparently only taking a few days to put together, the demo was certainly impressive, and now Polarbit have released a trailer and some screenshots from the game.

The level in the trailer seems to be the same one from the demo build, and shows the same great graphics. The water effects on the lake look particularly good, as do the the smoke effects and draw distance. The game seems to run really smoothly, with not a drop in frame rate to be found, which is especially interesting considering that, when the game was being demonstrated, there were other apps running at the time and the game switched easily between full screen and card view.

This game was no doubt being developed for the iPad before the build was converted to run on Touchpad, so iPad owners can no doubt look forward to playing the game soon, and there will undoubtedly be a version for Android owners.

The game looks action packed, attractive and very speedy, and we will have more details as soon as we get them.

Update: (06/2011) Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not only has the game been pushed back to next year, but our spies tell us that this is not likely to come to the TouchPad. Hopefully we are wrong, after all if the game is going to come to iPad, would it be so hard to knock out a quick conversion for those TP fans who have been waiting for this since February? We shall see.

Update 2: (07/2012) Sorry guys, but a year and a half later, we have now heard that a TouchPad version is NOT happening.















Source: PGUK


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