Twitscoop Pro webOS Review

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Well, as it seems we are having a bit of an unofficial ‘webOS week’ here at The Smartphone App Review, we thought we would bring webOS users something a bit special, and that is an exclusive review of the latest version of Twitscoop Pro for HP webOS.

This version isn’t yet available in the App Catalog, but will be soon.

Twitscoop is a Twitter app, but unlike Bad Kitty or Carbon, you can’t post tweets or check your mentions, or anything like that. Twitscoop is all about trends.

Trends are basically key words that appear so much on Twitter in a recent period of time, that they are said to be ‘trending’. One of the things that the app does is give you a list of daily, weekly and monthly trends, with each given a temperature gauge to show you how ‘hot’ the trend currently is, and while this is interesting, it’s really not the main draw of the app.

The highlight of the app has to be the Buzz section. No, it’s not another attempt to convince us all of the point of Google Buzz, but a lovely blend of a really clever algorithm and what looks like a traditional tag cloud, which were a popular staple on blogs a couple of years ago.

Trending words, both from Twitter and also using Twitscoop’s code, appear in the tag cloud, and as they get more popular, literally grow in size before you. Words that are decreasing in popularity grow smaller, and are replaced by new words.

It’s all in real time, and it looks just great. Not only that, it’s incredibly useful for getting news and views as quickly as possible. Touching a word opens up a new card with the most recent tweets containing that word, so you can discover what is actually going on with the word and why everyone is mentioning it, and as is the way with Twitter, sometimes the results are mundane, but they can also be incredibly entertaining and enlightening.

Logging in with your Twitter account allows you to retweet any of the results, check the users profile and favourite the tweet.

The cloud itself is really well animated, and it actually suits webOS really well, as you can shrink the card and do other things, all the while the cloud is animated and changing trends and keywords. There is also the option of having either a light or dark theme to the app, which is a welcome addition.

The app also allow you to set up notifications for different levels of trend temperature, and the frequency of these can be altered.

The main thing I think is missing here is the ability to view your own timeline, mentions and direct messages. I know the app isn’t intended for that, but the main Twitscoop site lets you do this, so I’d like to see it implemented in future versions of the app. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as Carbon etc, but the basic functionality would be a plus.

For those of you who already have the app, the main new feature of this version is pretty exiting, as it ties in with some of the functionality of webOS 2.0- exhibition mode.

It works well, and looks gorgeous, so those of you with a Pre 2 or Pre Plus with the new OS have a nice feature to play with.

Overall, this is a really useful app, and one that feels right at home on webOS. The new exhibition mode is really nice, and adds value. The cloud is the star here, and is probably worth the money on its own for Twitter fans. I wish there were a few more features, but what you are getting here is an app that feels a little bit different, and actually a little bit special, and it’s for that reason that I feel it should score so highly.




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