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If you are a Windows Phone 7 game fan, then you would no doubt have picked up Crazy Horses by now, which we rated 92% in our review.

The developer, Nice Touch Games has let us know about a whole load of Crazy Horses related announcements that are sure to please fans of the game. How about a price drop for the game, along with a big update with a whole load of free new content as well as the release of a brand new game in the series?

First of all, Crazy Horses has been dropped to the nice new pricepoint of £1.29/$1.49 with the developer making a point that they believe prices for Windows Phone games are currently too high, which we have to agree on.

Secondly, there is a new free update for the game, and this will include the following updates:

  • 11 new levels featuring:
  • Brown Bears and Polar Bears, Donkeys and Geysers.

The biggest news is of an all new game, Crazy Horses Match Maker. The game is a twist on the gameplay of the first title, as here you have to match coloured horses in puzzles that are more static and cerebral compared to the action related puzzling found in Crazy Horses. The game is set as a prequel to Crazy Horses and tries to explain why America is so overrun with all those horses and is priced at a very reasonable £.79/$.99. We are currently blasting through the new game and hope to have a review up sometime over the next few days.

Can it possibly be as good as the first game? We shall see.


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